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My bike is originally from Australia. According to the previous owner it was ridden to the UK and the contents of the air box would confirm this,.half of the red dust of that continent!. It was new in 1990 and was reg'd in the UK in September 1993. I purchased the bike in April 1996 with 28,000 K's on the clock. It's now got almost 70,000 K's.

In my ownership it's competed in all of the Motor Cycle Clubs classic trials winning many Gold medals and best in class awards. I've used it to set out the Pathfinder 200 trial and it's generally been off road every weekend. Recently the bikes had to earn a living as a courier bike!

Unlike Ian's bike I reckon it's the best all round machine you can have.

I totally agree with Ian re the voltage regulator/rectifier unit, it's the bikes Achilles heal. However, if you separate the red terminal wire from the connector box and then reassemble using shed loads of Vaseline the problem of corrosion goes away. The rest of the electric's are bomb proof and in my experience totally water proof.

It's best to remove the side stand cut out and also the start in gear relay. Both are an over kill and prevent routine maintenance being carried out correctly.

I suspect Ian's' bike must have had a butcher at it. The oil cover bolt threads are at least five turns in and even if the one that is also part of the clutch case is left loose no oil leaks out [I've inadvertently done it!], may be the case on Ian's has been damaged?

The Oil seeping into the air box is most likely part of the recycling system and nothing to do with the oil level. This misting can be usefully diverted to lubricate the chain. On the matter of chains, I have forsaken the over publicised DID and gone over to Regina Gold 'O' ring. Although vastly more expensive it has lasted almost 3 times longer than the DID equivalent.

Yes Ian the plastic tank embellishers are a pain. The front header pipes do rot but the Micron Stainless Steel replacements are good value. The main box on mine is still the original.

I have replaced the standard steel wheel rims with anodised alloy ones and gone from a 17-inch rear to an 18. This provides for the fitting of a Trials tyre to compete in events. [Not good for the handling or safety but until the ACU gets a life then it has to be fitted]

My bikes been thrashed and has always come up trumps. Everyone I know speaks very highly of the XT and not for no reason is it the first choice of Trans Sahara and World trip riders. To use the current in vogue saying " it's the dogs dangley bits "

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