BTB.C Membership Form 2021

To join us, fill in your details on screen. Then please print the page & fill in the remaining details in pen and post along with your remittance to: BTB.C, C/O Mitex UK Ltd, Unit 6 Lion Park, Off New Street, Holbrook SHEFFIELD, S20 3GH, ENGLAND, UK. Please enclose your cheque (made payable to BTBC). Your welcome pack will be posted to your address. Please note, memberships run from January to December.

Name: (Please include your existing membership number if applicable) & Mobile telephone number in all cases please

Full postal address :

Membership category:

E-mail (UK or RoW)


E-mail 10 (sterling)

Type of Riding

Trail Riding
Local Day Trips
Weekend Breaks
International trips

TOTAL ENCLOSED £___10_______ (payable to BTBC)

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