JUNE (28th) 29th to JULY (10th) 11th 2018


To book your place on THE STELLA ALPINA + A MOST EXCELLENT SWISS ADVENTURE(A TRIP NOT TO BE MISSED!), hit this link, then print off a booking form. Send this along with your remittance.

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A very special trip indeed. As always, I have been working very hard to find ways to further improve our annual trip to the Stella Alpina and have come up with yet another, old school, Alpine Holiday/adventure. It will have all the very best of the old stuff, so don't worry, you will still get the chance to ride all your old favorite passes, including many of the highest and most stunning road passes in the Alps. But for this year the plan is to take it a little more relaxed, after all, we are on holiday. But still lots of new stuff for the more adventurous types amongst you. The trip will include many of the very best and highest mountain passes on route to explore the 'Big Country' Swiss Alps. This will without doubt be a most excellent and enjoyable trip with plenty of new and old places to see. This whole trip will be a biking Nirvana, doing all the best roads and passes while having a little more time for coffee, before we drink, eat and chill in nice hotels. And yes, a day on the river is planned for you twitchers and all those who want to swap the bike for a boat and a stunning day of something very different. Not one to miss..

The full itinerary will appear below as it develops, but due to the large number of new digs and the complicated new route, I would ask that interested parties put their names down as soon as they can if they want to go and book in quickly to help me with the planning. Also, it will give me an idea of preferred crossings to book as these have to be paid in advance now. I will have no choice but to close this trip early as most of the digs must be paid for in advance and I have to confirm numbers well in advance of our trip or let the rooms go before paying. Unfortunately, this will make it almost impossible to squeeze people in at the last minute as has sometimes been the case in the past, so please be aware now that once the places have gone, they have gone and the only chance of coming will be as a replacement for someone already booked who has to cancel, their place will effectively be sold to you. Clearly this severely limits the possibility of going if you don't book in early. Very strict numbers on this trip I am afraid so please do not be disappointing or disappointed, book early and know you are on.

Thursday 28th June for Hull departures - Ok, so this is for any booking on the overnight boat from Hull ONLY, for the cruise over to the continent on the evening of Thursday 28th June. We will meet in front of the ferry terminal building at P&O Ferries North Sea Ferries Ltd, Hull Ferry Terminal 2, King George Dock, Hedon Road, Hull, HU9 5PS no later than 4.30 PM before boarding the overnight ferry at 4.45pm. Please fuel up as you come through Hull so we can all hit the road with full tanks. Once we have boarded and made the bikes safe we will grab our rooms and then watch as we set sail for the continent. Always a good night and a good sleep overnight to arrive early in Zeebrugge.

Friday 29th for Dover departures - So for any who have selected the Dover/Calais return option. You are sailing on the 07.35 AM P&O boat to Calais on the morning of Friday 29th June. You need to be meeting in the car park just off the roundabout at the bottom of the A2 ramp no later than 6.45AM so you can all then board together at 6.50AM. You will then be off the boat and rolling in Calais around 9.30AM local time. On leaving the port you need to follow the signs for the A26 heading for Saint-Quentin/ Reims. Once on the A26 continue towards Reims until you get to the A1 Paris/Lille split. Stay on the A26 heading for Reims, but pull in at the first petrol stop after the A1 split (It is not that far after the A1 split (About 10 miles bill :-)) - Called Rumaucourt Shell, I think, and well before the A2 split where you will have gone too far. Here, both groups will meet and fuel up around 11 to 11.30 AM local time before then making our way together through France to our first nights digs just over the border near Bühl in Germany.

Saturday 30th - After a good nights sleep and a good German Breakfast, the real fun starts as we travel down through the Black Forest and up into the Alps across Switzerland to our Swiss Digs near Reckingen for two nights.

Sunday 1st - After a relaxed Swiss breakfast, we will take a stunning Swiss High Alp day trip, including the remarkable loop of madness, before returning to our digs for food and a chill.

Monday 2nd - After Breakfast the adventure continues on through the Alps as we nip through Italy, before continuing back into France and get in some serious altitude. After a complicated route we will eventually arriving at our digs at Pont-en-Royanss, in the breathtaking Vercors region of france.

Tuesday 3rd - Tuesday morning we will take a relaxed breakfast, then leave the Vercors region via some little known, stunning Gorge roads before heading out onto the flatlands of France to cross the Rhône and pick up the breathtaking Ardèche Gorge road to our digs right on the banks of the Ardeche River, a few miles short of Vallon-Pont-d'Arc. We will have plenty of time to grab some snacks for our stay, settle in our rooms, book our kayaking trip for Wednesday, then sit watching the river go by while taking a wee drink or two and a dip in the river before food, drink and bed.

Wednesday 4th - A day to remember. If you have done this before, then you know it is an amazing experience. But for those that have not, this is a must do and is something you will never forget. We rent a kayak near to our Hotel, close to the stunning Pont-d'Arc, then kayak down the fabulous Ardeche Gorge. We usually do the full 30 +km trip which includes a small lesson, 2 man open kayak, all the gear and the return journey by mini bus back to the starting point and our Digs. It is very dramatic and something not to be missed, great fun for beginners and veterans alike, with lots of things to see, places to stop and picnic or places to play on rapids and go cliff jumping. One of the best, most exciting and most breathtakingly days out you can possibly have, anywhere in the world, then it's food, drink and bed by the river. If this is not your thing, then a day of rest can be taken at our river side digs.

Thursday 5th - Thursday morning we get on the road early finding some breakfast on route, as we head back towards the Alps to eventually take in the highest road pass in the Alps. We will then again drop into Italy to our next nights digs near Vinadio and our first Italian food, drink and sleep.

Friday 6th - Friday is a spectacular day, with small dramatic gorges and small high alp passes, as we eventually head back into France via a truly breathtaking route before dropping back into Italy for our stay in Bardonecchia.

Saturday 7th - After breakfast it's a day off if you wish. Take in the weekend Market, go shopping, drinking or chilling in the sun. For those that can't stay off the bike, this whole area is Big Trail Bike heaven if you fancy a run out on the roads or even in the lanes and trails. A free day for all.

Sunday 8th - After breakfast for those that want, it is off up the mountain trail on the Stella Alpina Rally. We might get to the top if the snow allows, but it is always good fun trying before an afternoon of chilling before we hit the town for food and drink.

Monday 9th - After an early breakfast, we leave Bardo and start our journey back through the French Alps, eventually leaving the mountains behind before getting to our digs near Troyes, France. Then it's a swim, Food, drink and sleep.

Tuesday 10th - An early breakfast sees myself and the Calais return group away early for the Ferry back to Dover. Any opting to take the overnight boat back to Hull can rise a little later, before taking a nice relaxed ride North (Plan yourself a route now) from Piney, East of Troyes, France to be at the port in Zeebrugge no later than 4.30pm to catch the overnight boat back, arriving in Hull at 8.30am on the morning of Wednesday 11th.

As always the trip will include your sailing's and your accommodation including 9 breakfasts + I will provide any information and lead the group as required.

I am sure this will be one of the best and most enjoyable High Alp trips ever, the way it is planned is to gain the very most out of visiting the Stella and Swiss Alps, all in around 12 Days. It is expected to be a little more relaxed than last year and clearly includes some truly fantastic roads and places, with some great events and nights out thrown in for good measure. That said, some may wish to make this the start of a longer holiday. Therefore, I have no problem with people wishing to return on a different date or joining us at some point on the trip. I will still book your ferry as required and sort out all your digs for the nights you wish to stay with the group, but early notification is required to help with planning.

I believe this European Adventure to be suitable for most, one or two up, both novice and veteran alike. Some longish days in the saddle are inevitable, but all should be enjoyable and relatively relaxed, while having an fun motorcycle adventure holiday. It can be tackled on almost any larger cc bike (as long as it is both capable and reliable over longer journeys) and any UN-surfaced sections can easily be avoided. I'm afraid very advanced booking is required and maximum numbers will apply. So, get out your diary and see if you can join us on this fantastic, most excellent adventure. THE STELLA ALPINA 2018 + A MOST EXCELLENT SWISS ADVENTURE (A TRIP NOT TO BE MISSED!)

Don't be disappointed, send your deposit or deposit balance now as this one has very limited numbers and I need to finalise everything soon.

To book your place on The Stella Alpina 2018 + A Most Excellent Swiss Adventure (A TRIP NOT TO BE MISSED!), hit this link, then print off a booking form. Send this along with your remittance ASAP.

Warning - Alpine Roads and Scenery, when mixed with the Stella Alpina Rally, Bikes & Sun with a little water are known to cause Stellinitis. This disease creates an almost uncontrollable urge to return to the point of infection. There is no cure. The only relief known is regular visits to the infection site which can create personal problems through the long term nature of this infection. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

The Stella Alpina itself takes place on Sunday 8th July in Bardonecchia, Northern Italy. It is a large trial bike Rally with several thousand bikes turning up over the weekend to ride up the mountain road on Sunday morning. It is not a competitive event but more a large gathering of like minded people. A finishers medal can be purchased by reaching a point on the track that the organiser's feel a well ridden road bike can get to, for the more adventurous the track continues and some may even reach the top. This whole area is Big Bike heaven, with many very small surfaced and UN-surfaced High Alp passes to explore. Join the BTB.C trip to THE STELLA ALPINA 2018 + A MOST EXCELLENT SWISS ADVENTURE (A TRIP NOT TO BE MISSED!) and benefit from over 28 years of experience in these areas and at the event. How did the Stella Alpina Rally all start?

Who is going to date & more info hit this link, + all the stuff from years gone by....