July - 2nd to 13th 2022

To book your place on The BTBC Stella Alpina Great Escape 2022 hit this link, then print off a booking form. Send this along with your remittance ASAP.

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July - 2nd to 13th 2022 - THE BTBC STELLA ALPINA GREAT ESCAPE - 2022

This trip has now been over 2 years in the making and will be a truly superb trip with very limited numbers. A very posh, and exciting trip with some of the very best routes we have ever done and some of the very best roads I have always wanted to do, all in the true old spirit of the BTBC. I had been working harder than ever throughout lock-down to find ways to improve our fantastic annual trip to the Stella Alpina Rally and make last years trip a very special trip to remind us all what we had been missing through lock-down! Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be in 2021, but I did managed to secure most of the new digs we needed to do the same trip in 2022. So, with a little more fine tuning 2022 will at last be, The BTBC Stella Alpina Great Escape + all the very best, with a posh, wet rest. Some fantastic new routes will take in many of the very best balcony and Gorge roads these areas have to offer, definitely not the year to miss people. This will be a true Alpine Holiday/adventure. It will have all the very best from over the years, so do not worry, you will still get the chance to ride all your favorite passes, including many of the highest and most stunning road passes in the Alps. But for this year, the plan is to also take in some breathtaking new Balcony and Gorge roads taking us well into pastures new, hence the extra couple of days. But make no mistake, this will still be a relatively relaxed and enjoyable trip with the odd extra coffee and Ice cream stop, after all, we are all on holiday. But still with some BTBC old school fantastic riding with lots of dramatic new stuff for the more adventurous amongst you. The trip will include many of the very best and highest mountain passes on route to explore our all-time favorite roads in the Alps and this year we will also be taking the opportunity to kayak down a stunning river gorge {30+ Km} (Or you can spend the whole day relaxing around the pool at our 'NEW POSH' Digs, if you prefer) on our way to pastures new. We will do the very best Balcony roads I know of, including the stunning quiet side of the Grand Canyon du Verdon, plus my all-time favorite high Alp passes and the Stella Alpina Rally. This will without doubt be a most excellent and enjoyable adventure, with plenty of new and old places to see, while having time to chat, drink, swim and even get a small rest. This whole trip will be "Old School" BTBC biking Nirvana.

Early booking is essential for 2022 as some of the new digs will require payment confirmation early as we will be booking all of their rooms and there is no alternative accommodation on our new intended route. As always, it is first come, first served with regard to places on this trip and first refusal on any available single rooms will be offered at extra cost from the top of the Who's going list down. Don't be disappointed or disappointing and send in your application and payment as soon as possible to secure your place on this amazing trip.

Full details will appear below as things are firmed up.

To book your place on The BTBC Stella Alpina Great Escape 2022 hit this link, then print off a booking form. Send this along with your remittance ASAP.

Who is going to date hit this link, and all the stuff from years gone bye....

Do not be disappointed, send your form in now as this one has very limited numbers due to digs and I need to finalise everything early - Details below in black as they are confirmed:

Saturday 3rd July - The BTBC Stella Alpina Great Escape is planned to take place on the 3rd July 2021. We will all meet (Socially distanced if required) at the dock entrance at Dover around midday (TBA) on Saturday, before boarding the ferry for Calais. Once across the water, we will hit the road for a couple of hours to get to our first nights digs north of Reims. Here we will enjoy a chat, a little food and maybe a small drink or two before bed.

Sunday 4th - After a relaxed breakfast, we will hit the road and continue south towards the Alps taking in some new roads as we go. The afternoon sees us on some stunning roads as we enter the pre-alps arriving in good time at our next hotel in the Jura for another night's fun.

Monday 5th - The real fun starts after another relaxed breakfast at our hotel. We head out through Geneva, taking the time for an Ice cream by the fountain overlooking Lake Geneva, then head up into the High Alps. A relaxed day with stunning views as we head south taking on altitude, before eventually dropping down into the Vercors in plenty of time for a swim and a nice, relaxed evening at our next hotel.

Tuesday 6th - After another relaxed breakfast, we head straight into some of the best gorge and breath-taking balcony roads the area has to offer. We then head out onto the flatlands to arrive in good time at our nice new (Air Conditioned) digs overlooking the Ardeche river for the first of two nights at this lovely hotel. A swim, food, drinks, and bed ready for an early breakfast before jumping in our Mini Buss for a day on the river.

Wednesday 7th - After an early breakfast we are picked up by our mini buss from the hotel and taken the short distance to pick up our two-man Canoe's and start our 30+ K decent down the Ardeche Gorge. A totally unique experience suitable for all and not an experience to be missed. Suitable for all, this is the most stunning river trip you can experience anywhere in Europe. We will take some lunch to eat on route and enjoy a day relaxing and splashing about in the water. We are picked up around 4pm by the mini buss and returned to our Hotel for more food, drink, and chat, before hitting the sack.

Thursday 8th - A relaxed rise and breakfast sees us heading back towards the Southern Alps on a totally new route taking in the best gorge and balcony roads France has to offer. This will include the stunning and remarkable Grand Canyon du Verdon as we make our way back into the High Alps. We will arrive at our lovely new Hotel in plenty of time to chill, eat and drink the night away before bed.

Friday 9th - After a good breakfast, we set off on one of the most remarkable balcony roads in existence, before heading onto the best days high alpine riding I know, as we head north up the backbone of the alpine ridge. We go from France to Italy and back so many times today, its best to simply say we eventually end up at our next hotel based in Bardo, Italy time for food and drink before hitting our beds for the first of a three-night stay. A breath-taking day on some stunning small and lesser-known alpine gorges and passes.

Saturday 10th - After a relaxed breakfast, it is a free day for all. Visit the morning market outside the Hotel, spend the day shopping and taking coffee, or spend the whole day sunbathing, it is up to you what you do. There are plenty of stunning short day runs to do if you cannot stay off the bike, or even try a few high Alp trails for the more adventurous. Today you can do whatever you wish with plenty of time to chill, eat and drink before bed.

Sunday 11th - After breakfast, then maybe an extra Coffee, its off up the Stella Alpina itself for those that wish to get a badge. The Hotel is on the main route up the mountain, so it is simply turn right and go for those wanting to join the event. Any that don't, can sit watching the whole Big Trail Bike world go by, while taking a coffee or three. Again, the afternoon is free for whatever takes your fancy, before we eat, drink, and eventually sleep.

Monday 12th - It's a relaxed breakfast, then off through the Alps on some of the Highest and most dramatic passes available. Lots of photo opportunities if you have any room left on your camera and a truly stunning days riding before arriving at our lovely hotel in Annecy overlooking the lake. Time for a quick dip in the lake before food and drink in this stunning location.

Tuesday 13th - Another relaxed breakfast and we leave Annecy on a little-known route as we continue our journey north, eventually leaving the Alps heading into the Jura for more lovely, quiet mountain roads. Eventually we hit the Motorway for the last few hours to arrive at our last night's digs north of Riems. A town centre Hotel with lots to do and some lovely architecture for our last night's food and frolics in France.

Wednesday 14th - A relaxed breakfast sees us heading north to catch the ferry over to the UK around midday, giving everyone plenty of time to make the journey home.

Do not be disappointed or disappointing. Send in your form now as this one has very limited numbers and I need to finalise everything as soon as possible. This is not a trip to be missed, we are all ready to get back doing what we love, and I have had plenty of time to make this a truly exceptional trip with the right balance of great roads and time to enjoy the areas we visit. If we fail to plan, then we plan to fail. All you have to do is plan to join us on this exceptional trip to the Stella Alpina +++.

Warning - Alpine Roads and Scenery, when mixed with the Stella Alpina Rally, Bikes & Sun with a little water are known to cause Stellinitis. This disease creates an almost uncontrollable urge to return to the point of infection. There is no cure. The only relief known is regular visits to the infection site which can create personal problems through the long term nature of this infection. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

The Stella Alpina itself takes place on Sunday 11th July in Bardonecchia, Northern Italy. It is a large trial bike Rally with several thousand bikes turning up over the weekend to ride up the mountain road on Sunday morning. It is not a competitive event but more a large gathering of like minded people. A finishers medal can be purchased by reaching a point on the track that the organiser's feel a well ridden road bike can get to, for the more adventurous the track continues and some may even reach the top. This whole area is Big Bike heaven, with many very small surfaced and UN-surfaced High Alp passes to explore. Join the BTB.C trip to THE STELLA ALPINA 2021+ ALL THE VERY BEST WITH A POSH, WET REST (A TRIP NOT TO BE MISSED!) and benefit from over 30 years of experience in these wonderful areas and at the event. How did the Stella Alpina Rally all start?

Who is going to date hit this link, and all the stuff from years gone bye....