STELLA ALPINA 2019 + ALL THE VERY BEST WITH A REST - JULY (11th) 12th to JULY (21st or) 22nd


Who's going 2019

1/ Paul Clarke - BMW R1200LC GSAR (Hull/Dover)
2/ Andrew Ellis - BMW R1200 GSA (Hull/Dover)
3/ David Morgan - Triumph Explorer (Hull/Dover)
4/ Jason Griffiths - BMW 1250LC GS (Hull/Dover)
5/ Paul Atkin - HONDA CRF1000L AFRICA TWIN (Dover*/Dover)
6/ Bill Naismith - HONDA CRF1000L AFRICA TWIN (Dover*/Dover)
7/ Phil & Sue Langford - BMW R1200 GSA (Hull/Hull)
8/ Ben Wheble - KTM 1090 ADV R (Hull/Dover)
9/ Harry Nuttall - HONDA CRF1000L AFRICA TWIN (Hull/Hull)
10/ Paul Homard - KTM 1190 ADV (Dover/Dover)
11/ Tony Chadwick - KTM 1190R Adventure (Dover/Dover)
12/ Tim Green - CRF1000L AFRICA TWIN (Hull/Hull)
13/ Shaun Henderson - BMW R1250LC GSA (Hull/Hull)


Thursday 11th July for Hull departures - Ok, so this is for any booking on the overnight boat from Hull ONLY, for the cruise over to the continent on the evening of Thursday 11th July. We will meet in front of the ferry terminal building at P&O Ferries North Sea Ferries Ltd, Hull Ferry Terminal 2, King George Dock, Hedon Road, Hull, HU9 5PS no later than 4.30 PM before boarding the overnight ferry. Please fuel up as you come through Hull so we can all hit the road with full tanks. Once we have boarded and made the bikes safe we will grab our rooms and then watch as we set sail for the continent. Always a good night and a good sleep overnight to arrive early in Zeebrugge. Any taking the Zeebrugge/Hull return need to also be at Zeebrugge docks no later than 4.30 PM on Tuesday 21st July.

Friday 12th July for Dover departures - So for any who have selected the Dover/Calais return option. You are sailing on the TBA... AM P&O boat to Calais on the morning of Friday 12th July. You need to be meeting in the car park just off the roundabout at the bottom of the A2 ramp before TBA..AM so you can all then board together no later than TBA..AM. You will then be off the boat and rolling in in Calais around 9.30/10.00AM local time. On leaving the port you need to follow the signs for the A26 heading for Saint-Quentin/ Reims. Once on the A26 continue towards Reims until you get to the A1 Paris/Lille split. Stay on the A26 heading for Reims, but pull in at the first petrol stop after the A1 split (It is almost exactly 10 miles from the A1 split bill :-)) - Called Rumaucourt, or Baralle, it's a BP I think, and well before the A2 split where you will have gone too far. Here, both groups will meet and fuel up around 11 to 11.30 AM local time before then making our way together through France to our first nights digs near Geneva.


A very special trip indeed. As always, I have been working very hard to find ways to further improve our annual trip to the Stella Alpina Rally and this year its going to be all the very best, with a good rest, old school, Alpine Holiday/adventure. It will have all the very best from over the years, so don't worry, you will still get the chance to ride all your old favorite passes, including many of the highest and most stunning road passes in the Alps. But for this year, the plan is to take it a little more relaxed, after all, we are on holiday. But still some new stuff for the more adventurous types amongst you. The trip will include many of the very best and highest mountain passes on route to explore our all time favorite corner of the Alps. This will without doubt be an excellent and enjoyable trip with plenty of new and old places to see, while having time to chat, drink and even get a rest. This whole trip will be a biking Nirvana, doing the best roads and passes while having a little more time for coffee, before we drink, eat and chill in nice hotels. And yes, a chance to do something a little different is planned for the 'brave' and all those who want to swap the bike for something a little higher, something very different. Not one to miss..

The full itinerary will appear here: - BTBC STELLA ALPINA 2019 + ALL THE VERY BEST WITH A REST, but due to a number of new digs and the complicated route, I would ask that interested parties put their names down as soon as they can if they want to go and book in quickly to help me with the planning. Also, it will give me an idea of which crossings to book as these have to be paid well in advance. I will have no choice but to close this trip early, as most of the digs must be paid for in advance and I have to confirm numbers well in advance of our trip or let the rooms go. Unfortunately, this will make it almost impossible to squeeze people in at the last minute as has sometimes been the case in the past, so please be aware now that once the places have gone, they have gone and the only chance of coming will be as a replacement for someone already booked who has to cancel, their place will effectively be sold to you. Clearly this severely limits the possibility of going if you don't book in early. Very strict numbers on this trip due to limited beds at one Hotel with no alternative I am afraid, so please do not be disappointing or disappointed, book early and know you are on.

To book your place on The Stella Alpina 2019 + All The Very Best With A Rest (A TRIP NOT TO BE MISSED!), hit this link, then print off a booking form. Send this along with your remittance ASAP.

Warning - Alpine Roads and Scenery, when mixed with the Stella Alpina Rally, Bikes and a little water are known to cause Stellinitis. This disease creates an almost uncontrollable urge to return to the point of infection. There is no cure. The only relief known is regular visits to the infection site which can create personal problems through the long term nature of this infection. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

The Stella Alpina itself takes place on Sunday 14th July in Bardonecchia, Northern Italy. It is a large trial bike Rally with several thousand bikes turning up over the weekend to ride up the mountain road on Sunday morning. It is not a competitive event but more a large gathering of like minded people. A finishers medal can be purchased by reaching a point on the track that the organiser's feel a well ridden road bike can get to, for the more adventurous the track continues and some may even reach the top. This whole area is Big Bike heaven, with many very small surfaced and UN-surfaced High Alp passes to explore. Join the BTB.C trip to THE STELLA ALPINA 2019 + ALL THE VERY BEST WITH A REST (A TRIP NOT TO BE MISSED) and benefit from over 28 years of experience in these areas and at the event. How did the Stella Alpina Rally all start?


Who went in 2018

Paul Clarke - BMW R1200LC GSAR (Hull/Dover), Andrew Ellis - BMW R1200 GSA (Hull/Dover), Paul Crossland; - AFRICA TWIN 1000 (Hull/Hull), Mick Fox; - YAMAHA MT09 (Hull/Hull), Adrian Molloy - Tiger 800XCX (Dover/Dover), Dave Edge; - BMW R1200 GSA (France/France), Ian Evans; - BMW R1200 GSA (France/France), John Wilmot - BMW R1200 GS (Hull/Hull), Phil & Sue Langfod - BMW R1200 GSA (Hull/Hull), Bill Naismith - BMW F800GSA (Hull/Dover), Tim Levick - Yamaha XTZZRT PD 900 (Hull/Dover), Harry Nuttall - KTM 990 ADV (Hull/Hull), Tony Chadwick - KTM 1190R Adventure, Jason Griffiths - BMW R1200 GSA (Hull/Dover), John Firth - KTM 950 Adventure (Hull/Dover), Paul Homard - KTM 990 ADV (Dover/Dover), Shaun Henderson - BMW R1200 GS (Hull/Hull), Paul Rosher - KTM 990 ADV (Dover/Dover)

Who went in 2017

Paul Clarke - BMW R1200 GSA (Hull/Hull), Andrew Ellis - BMW R1200 GSA (Hull/Hull), Mark Gillispie - BMW 1200 GS (Hull/Hull), Dave (Phyllis) Phillips - BMW 1200 GS (Hull/Dover), John Wilmot - BMW R1200 GS (Hull/Hull), Phil & Sue Langfod - BMW R1200 GSA (Hull/Hull), Harry Nuttall - KTM 990 ADV (Hull/Hull), Jason Griffiths - BMW R1200 GSA (Hull/Hull) , John Firth - KTM 950 Adventure (Hull/Hull), Alan Dalton - BMW S1000 XR (Hull/Dover), Bill Naismith - BMW F800GSA (Dover/Dover), Dave Edge & Vikki Lee* - BMW R1200 GSA, Roger Gill - BMW R1200 GSA (Hull/Dover), John Boothroyd - KTM 990 ADV (Hull/Dover), Paul Homard - KTM 990 ADV (Dover/Dover), Martin Fiser - DL1000 (Dover/Dover), Ben Wheble - KTM 990 ADV (Hull/Hull), Derek Arnold - KTM 950 S (Dover/Dover)

Who went in 2016

Paul Clarke - BMW R1200 GSA, Andrew Ellis* - BMW R1200 GSA, Mark Gillispie - BMW R1200 GS, John Firth - KTM 950 Adventure, David Powell - Yamonda XTXLVDRZ 650, John Wilmott - BMW R1200 GS , Paul Homard - CRF1000L Africa Twin, Tony Chadwick - KTM 1190R Adventure , Bill Naismith - BMW F800GSA, Harry Nuttall - KTM, Phil & Sue Langford - BMW R1200 GSA, Phil & Liliana Skinner - Guzzi Stelvio, David Lamont - CRF1000L Africa Twin, Shaun Henderson* - BMW R1200 GS, David Barker - BMW R1200 GS

Who went in 2015

Paul Clarke - BMW R1200 GSA, Andrew Ellis - BMW R1200 GSA, Phil Langford - BMW R1200 GSA, Tony Chadwick - Tiger Explorer, Bill Naismith - BMW GS800 ADV, Shaun Henderson - BMW R1150 GS, Paul Homard - BMW GS800 ADV, Martin Fiser* - DL1000

Who went in 2014

1/ Paul (Klarkey) Clarke - BMW R1200GSA 2/ 'Andrew Ellis - BMW R1200GSA 3/ Adrian Molloy - Tiger Explorer 4/ Dave Jones (RIP) - BMW R1200GSA 5/ Carl Hooper - DUCATI MULTI 6/ Phil Langford - BMW R1150GS 7/Shaun Henderson - BMW R1150GS

Who went 2013

1/ Paul (Klarkey) Clarke - BMW R1200GSA 2/ 'Andrew Ellis - BMW R1200GSA 3/ Shaun Henderson - BMW R1150GS 4/ Dave Jones - BMW R1200GSA 5/ Chris Cahill & Claire Lamb - Tiger 955 6/ Mark Gillispie - BMW R1200GS 7/ George Ballantyne - Yam XTZ 8/ David Lamont - BMW R1200GSA 9/ Phil Langford - BMW R1150GS 10/ Dave Edge - BR1200GSA

Who went in 2012

1/ Paul (Klarkey) Clarke - BMW R1200GSA 2/ Andrew Ellis - BMW R1200GSA 3/ David Lamont - BMW R1200GSA 4/ (Dommi) Dave Powell - Honda Trany 5/ Dave Jones - BMW R1200GSA 6/ Jim Dobson - KTM 990ADV 7/ Carly Powell - XT600

Who went in 2011

1/ Paul (Klarkey) Clarke - BMW R1200GSA 2/ Andrew Ellis - Honda Vara 3/ Alex Penrose - Yamaha TDM 4/ Shaun Henderson - BMW R1159GS 5/ David Black - BMW R1200 GSA 6/ David Barker* - BMW R1200GS 7/ Jim Dobson - KTM990 ADV 8/ John Makin - DR1250 BIG 9/ David Walker - BMW 650GS 10/ David Jones - BMW R1200GSA 11/ Darren Duesbury - KTM990 ADV

Who went in 2010

1/ Paul (Klarkey) Clarke - BMW R1200GSA 2/ Andrew Ellis - *Honda Varadero 3/ David Jones - BMW R1200GSA 4/ Douglas Steel - Cagiva Navigator 5/ David Barker - BMW R1200GS 6/ Mark Gillispie - BMW R1200GS 7/ George Ballantyne - TDM 900 8/ Bill Naismith - Kawasaki Versys

Who went in 2009 - The Long Way Round

1/ Paul (Klarkey) Clarke - BMW R1200GSA 2/ Andrew Ellis - *Honda Varadero 3/ Tim Green - Honda Varadero 4/ Ben Wheble - KTM 990 ADV 5/ Alex Penrose - TDM 900 6/ Adrian Lloyd' - KTM990ADV 7/ Paul Homard' - BMW R1200GSA 8/ Adrian Molloy - Tiger 1050 9/ Mark Dinner - BMW R 1200 GS 10/ Darren Dewsbury - KTM 990 ADV 11/ Tony Chadwick - BMW R 1200 GS 12/ John Boothroyd - KTM 950 ADV 13/ Jim Dobson - BMW R1150ADV 14/ Dave Jones - BMW R1200GS


BTBC 2009 Pics

More BTBC pics

Who went on the Stella in 2008 - 1/ Paul (Klarkey) Clarke - BMW R1200GSA 2/ Andrew Ellis - *Honda Vara 3/ Ian Harding - BMW R1200GS 4/ Alan Dixon - BMW R1200GSA 5/ John (Irish Guy on a Bike) Bruce - BMW R1150GSA 6/ Tony Chadwick - BMW R1200GS 7/ Paul Homard - BMW R1200GSA 8/ Nick Slater - Suzuki DL1000 9/ David Wyatt - Suzuki V-strom 10/ Adrian Lloyd - KTM 990 Adv 11/ David Carr - VARA XL1000 12/ David Barker - BMW R1200GS 13/ Mike Craxton - *BMW R1200GSA 14/ George (Ochay) *Ballantyne - TDM 900 15/ William Gregg - BMW R1150GS 16/ Steve Cogdell - BMW R1200GS

Who went on the Stella in 2007 - 1/ Paul (Klarkey) Clarke - BMW R1200GSA 2/ Jez (Where has the road gone) Scott - KTM950SM 3/ Robin (I am coming this year ;-) ) Scott - XL600V Translap 4/ Mick (Thai Boy) Bell - XTZ 750 5/ Art (XTZ) Bell - XTZ 750 6/ Wayne (Big single) Tibbles - DR800BIG 7/ John (Irish Guy on a Bike) Bruce - BMW R1150GSA 8/ Steve (Romsey) Cogdell - BMW R1200GS 9/ Dave* (Colonel Boggie) Harding - XRV750 10/ Roger* (Where's mi wallet) Edge - BMW R1150GS 11/ John (Tigerman) Godsall - KTM 950 Adventure 12/ Steve* (2UP) Coates & Co - XL650V 13/ Lee*( ROB) Boden - XRV750 14/ Gordon (Wy-ay) Robertson - BMW F650GS 15/ Ben (Bailey) Wheble - BMW GS1200 16/ David (Wiganman) Barker - BMW GS1200 17/ Mark* (Paddy) Brunt - TS50ER ;-) 18/ George (Ochay) Ballantyne - TDM 900 19/ Phil* (Photoman) Langford - BMW F650GS 20/ Paul* (Beanybear) Beardmore - XRV750 Africa Twin 21/ Rob* (Redneck) Gunn - KTM950SM 22/ Brendan (Tipperary) Power - BMW R1200GSA 23/ Roy (V) Temple - V-Strom 650 24/ Andrew (Elmo) Ellis - Honda Vara 25/ Russell (Bandit) Greyson - Suzuki PD Special 26/ Dave (Lowland) Loney - Yamaha TTZ


More BTBC pics

Who's went in 2006 - 1/ Paul 'Klarkey' Clarke - BMW R1200GSA, 2/ Andy Cadney - Elly 999.99, 3/ Bill Gavins - XT 660X , 4/ Adrian Molloy - Tiger 955i, 5/ David Barker - R1200GS, 6/ Jez Scott - KTM950 SM, 7/ Carl Blackbum - R1200GS, 8/ John Godsall - Tiger 955i, 9/ Dave Davies - BMW R1150GS, 10/ Ray Sellway - 600 Trany , 11/ Tony Bramah - Tiger 955i, 12/ Lloyd Davies - Tiger 900

Who went in 2005 - 1/ Paul 'Klarkey' Clarke (Sheffield)-BMW R1150 GSA 2/ Paul Galbraith (Northampton) - KTM LC8 3/ Jeff Douglas (Glentworth) - BMW R1200GS 4/ Alan Dixon (Penistone) - BMW R1200GS 5/ Ian Harding (Penistone) - BMW R1150GS 6/ Jez Scott (Sheffield) - CCM 644 7/ Alex Penrose (Hull) - Varadero 8/ Ben Wheble (Preston) - BMW R1200GS
9/ Derek Arnold (Surrey) - KTM LC8 10/ Lyndon Cunninghanm (Mars!) - BMW R1150GSA 11/ Jon Bagshaw (Sheffield) - Varadero

Adrian Molloy's pictures from the Stella Alpina & Swiss Loop trip 2004!

Who went in 2004 - 1/ Paul 'sideways' Clarke (Sheffield) -BMW R1150GS Adventure - 2/ Carl 'Sandwich maker' Blackburn (Mosborough) - BMW R1150GS - 3/ Adrian Molloy (Huntingdon) - XRV750 - 4/ Nick Pickup (Barnsley) - XTZ750 - 5/ Sid Brown (Sherburn-in-Elmet) - BMW F650 - 6/ Mark Piercy (Lincoln) - TRX850 - 7/ Tim Marquis (St Peters) - KTM640 Adventure - 8/ Mr & Mrs G Binns (Sowerby Bridge) - XRV750 - 9/ George Ballantyne (Falkirk, Scotland) - Honda 600 - 10/ Jim Dobson (Bransby) - R1150GS Adventure - 11/ Allen Mitchell (Lytham) - XRV750 - 12/ Brian Crabtree (Clitheroe) - BMW650GS - 13/ Colin Townson (Clitheroe) - R1100GS - 14/ Colvin Beattie ( Donegal, Ireland) - Varadero - 15/ Steve Seddon (Bransholme) - R1150GS - 16/ Glyn Calvert (Brough) - XRV750 - 17/ Bob Jenkins (Barcelona, Spain) - R100GS - 18/ David Jones (Droitwich Spa) - XRV750 - 19/ Ian Barnard (Highbridge) - R1150GS - 20/ Mark Peatfield (Lincoln) - XRV750 - 21/Mr & Mrs Scott Green (Falkirk) - R1150GSA

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Stella old pics

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Andy Cadney's pictures from the Stella Alpina trip 2001!

Mark Piercy's 2001 pics (try the Panarama.jpg)

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