The Wales Revisited 4 Wheels Forward Mystery Tour 2018

April 21st & 22nd 2018

Even with all the snow, we still had a fab time on Wales4WF and agreed we should do it again soon for those that missed out and to get another chance to drive all of the roads planned, so here it is, be quick

Something a little different, yet again! We have done this for a few years now and it is a really good trip in any car. So here it is again for the second time this year, hopefully this will be snow free and still give us the best chance to slip another one in somewhere else if the mood takes us later year to extend our season of getting together a little more. Don't knock it till you've tried it people, this is a real hoot in any vehicle. It is a chance for those who fancy it to dig out your 4 wheel favorite, maybe grab the Mrs (or Mr) or even a mate and get out for a weekends 4 wheeled sightseeing on the best roads I know. Any vehicle with 3 wheels or more that is capable of completing the 500 mile ish trip without having to be pushed by others too much will do the trick. So the plan is to meet up on the Saturday Morning at the Mc D's (SY13 1JZ) on the Whitchurch Bypass, where the A495 turns off for Ellesmere, at 10.00ish for a 10.15 departure, fuel up as you arrive and arrive much earlier if you want to take breakfast and have a chat. . Then we'll take to some lovely quiet roads (Old and New) with great views to eventually arrive around 5pm at our digs somewhere in deepest, darkest Wales. After what is always a good night with the 4WF crew, Sunday morning we'll take a nice relaxed breakfast and then take a different, but equally stunning rout back towards the boarder using more quiet, well chosen roads before making our own way back home. As always I will plan a stunning, quiet route with plenty to see on the very best roads I know for our 4 wheeled toys. I will sort the digs, which will have safe parking, nice rooms and good and reasonably priced food and drink. I will provide full details and Walkie Talkies for every car to help keep us all on the same road and allow for general chit chat!. Based on the last few year it will be a great doo, and the perfect opportunity to get out your other toy or get some motoring pleasure from the family 4, it matters not what you have, it is where and how you use it that counts (really, we've had from Porsche's to Diesel Focus's and even vans in the past and all have had a ball). Don't be disappointing or disappointed, book in now to join us and know that you are on this great early trip with a difference.


To book your place on The Wales Revisited 4 Wheels Forward Mystery tour 2018, hit this link, then print off a booking form. Send this along with your remittance to the address on the form.

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