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This section tries to cover the good and the bad aspects of different bikes. We have tried to be impartial and go with the majority to give you an idea as to which bike may suite you best for your particular purpose. This information is constantly updated so if your bike's not there, or we've missed something, tell us. The bikes appear in no particular order.


Aprilia were fairly early entrants into the big trailly scene with their Tuareg Wind series which used the air cooled Rotax motor. These were competent off road machines despite large fairing and tank but were rather let down by suspect engine reliability and poor finish. They were replaced by the Pegaso series initially using the same air cooled lump as it's predecessor but moving to the all-singing, all-dancing 5 valve water cooled motor (a 4 valve version of which of course powers the BMW Funduro). The Pegaso has become much more road oriented but can still cope with easy lanes and is a delightful back road scratcher. In the crystal ball Aprilia have promised a 750cc trailly based on their Mille V-twin sportster motor. However initial artist's impressions show another roadster in the TDM/ Gran Canyon mode. Let's hope the artists are wrong and Aprilia are going to treat us to a big , butch , proper trailly with real off road capability as well as hooligan capability on the road.

Aprilia pics

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