Local Group Meetings

BTB.C The Lancashire Lads meeting.

The place? Now at New Hall Tavern, Cuerdale Lane, Samlesbury, Nr Preston, PR50XA Tel: 01772 877 942
Sarts around 7.30 on the 2nd Wednesdays of every month. All existing and potential new members of the BTB.C are welcome.

BTB.C London, South/West meeting.

The place?The Jovial Sailor Pub, Ripley, Surrey
Sarts around 7.00 on the 1st Tuesday of every month. All existing and potential new members of the BTB.C are welcome.

We made a decision when Ted approached us back in 1999 to keep the rules for 'local groups' to a minimum and let the people get on with it, more rules would only be created as and when we or they felt the need.
So, as it stands rules for local BTB.C groups are:
1/ All visitors should become fully paid up members of the National BTB.C within 3 months of contact and promote bigtrailbike.com and its events. (This goes without saying or no one will know who the BTB.C is).
2/ Where possible, groups are to be named by County and consist of members in and around that County or local area. (This is to hopefully help and increase 'off line' membership).
3/ Each local group must have and advertise Nationally on the official BTB.C site, at least one group night a month at a convenient venue for all. (Again, this is to help make the 'off liners' more involved and pass on information).
4/ All events should be advertised and promoted to all on the official BTB.C web site being the only database of events for BTB.C (This is of course one of the core reasons the site evolved, so eventually, we all have a good choice of what to do and where to go).
5/ All BTB.C (big trail bike.com) related information must be displayed on the only official BTB.C web site at: www.bigtrailbike.com