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This section tries to cover the good and the bad aspects of different bikes. We have tried to be impartial and go with the majority to give you an idea as to which bike may suite you best for your particular purpose. This information is constantly updated so if your bike's not there, or we've missed something, tell us. The bikes appear in no particular order.

Moto Guzzi

Guzzi's largest contribution to traildom has been the Quota, a 1000cc lump which has been around since 1991. This bike has had the rare effect of uniting journalists opinion in total revulsion. On paper the idea seems great, big V twin with oodles of torque in an off road frame. However in the metal it was over weight, over tall , badly detailed and sold in correspondingly few numbers.

Guzzi also produced a trail version using it's smaller V-twin , starting with the V35 and 65 TT's which were low and rather under suspended but made a pleasant enough little bike. Major drawback was the low gearing which while fine for limited dirt riding , was too low for distance road use. An added complication of course was that being shaft drive it was very expensive to change final drive ratios. A later version the NX was of 750cc capacity and resembled a mini Quota without that bikes excesses.

Really Guzzi should have been in a position to produce the Italian GS80 but it just hasn't' happened.

Moto Guzzi pics

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