This section tries to cover the good and the bad aspects of different bikes. We have tried to be impartial and go with the majority to give you an idea as to which bike may suite you best for your particular purpose. This information is constantly updated so if your bike's not there, or we've missed something, tell us. The bikes appear in no particular order.


Big K's contribution to the type has been based around a water cooled 600cc four stroke single. This first appeared in the early eighties in a motor cross styled trail bike that was really too heavy for British conditions, the KLR600. This was followed by a 650 version which acquired a fairing and a much bigger tank. This made a pleasant touring off roader spoilt by a very poor front brake which was normally entrusted with stopping light weight two stokes! The Tengai followed using the same motor but with much smoother bodywork (and a better front brake). In the early nineties Kawasaki replaced this range with a modernised motor in a real trail bike style the KLX 650 which although better off road was a little slow and uncomfortable for prolonged road mileage. Recently the KLR 650 has been reintroduced in slightly modernised form as a budget bike in the range with second hand bikes at not much above 2000 these have to be a serious bargain.

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