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The photos are from the '98 Rally of Discovery in Ireland, a "grand spin" as the Paddies put it. There's me, getting it all squirrelly as they say, just before the drift that ended in the second shot. The last one is YT with me best Irish mate on my left... all I can say in my defence was, it was sometime after 3 a.m. and I was heavily involved in the nightly sing song the Irish lads have. Needless to say, the following morning I awoke to an empty paddock (except one slightly miffed looking Elephant) and no breakfast - oh well there goes the rally. The Ele's gone now, swapped for a KLX300 (currently broke :-( ) but has been replaced with a Gran Canyon - hopefully next year (family/work permitting) I will finally do a Scottish tour - maybe with some other BTBC people? One day, the Stella will be mine, but not next year's unfortunately.

Thanks for taking the time to get like minds together.

All the best,

The Digger

My new Bike