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This section tries to cover the good and the bad aspects of different bikes. We have tried to be impartial and go with the majority to give you an idea as to which bike may suite you best for your particular purpose. This information is constantly updated so if your bike's not there, or we've missed something, tell us. The bikes appear in no particular order.

Moto Morini

Although Morini's off road efforts have not exceeded 500cc , I think they can be justifiably included amongst big traillies as they were all V-twins.

Morini actually have a long off road history, winning ISDT medals on small capacity four strokes when most Brits wouldn't get out of bed for anything less than a 500. So in the 70's when Morini developed a V-twin road bike it seemed only natural to stick it in a fairly purposeful off road frame. Originally the intention was to go rallying but poor results in North African events lead to concentrating on the trail version , the 500cc Camel. Needless to say the British importers changed this to Sahara' for a market in which "handles like a camel" means only one thing. The early Camels made an effective if eccentric trail bike as well as being lots of fun on the road. Later versions acquired disc brakes and monoshock suspension. A late 500 trail version rejoiced in the name 'Caguro' and resembled a Dominator but was never imported to the UK. At the same time a 350 version known as the Kanguro was produced. This was always single shock but went through a number of versions, the final of which had discs either end and a large Dakar style tank. The Morini factory is no more having been bulldozed by Cagiva shortly after takeover but spares are apparently not a problem

Moto Morini pics

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