July - 1st to 11th -

To book your place on The Big Trail Bike 'Smoke on the Water' Stella Tour 2023, hit this link, then print off a booking form. Send this along with your remittance ASAP.

Who is going to date hit this link, and all the stuff from years gone bye.... SORRY, NOW CLOSED!


This trip will build on a classic blast from the past (The Swiss Loop of Madness) and will be a truly superb trip with limited numbers. A posh, and exciting trip with some of the very best and highest passes we have ever done, along with some new alpine passes and the classics, all in the true older spirit of the BTBC and the Stella Alpina Rally. This will be a true Alpine Holiday/adventure. With three days riding the best of the Swiss Alps, it will include all the very best from years gone by, so do not worry, you will still get the chance to ride all your favorite passes, including most of the highest and most spectacular road passes in the Alps. Along with many new and exciting routes to add to your favourites list. This whole trip will be "Old School" BTBC Nirvana..................

Early booking is essential for 2023, as some of the new digs will require payment confirmation early as we will be booking all of their rooms and there is no alternative accommodation on our new intended route. As always, it is first come, first served with regard to places on this trip and first refusal on any available single rooms will be offered at extra cost from the top of the Who's going list down. So, don't be disappointed or disappointing and send in your application and payment as soon as possible to secure you a place on this amazing trip.

The full itinerary will appear here as it develops, but due to a number of new posh digs with limited rooms, I would ask that interested parties put their names down as soon as they can if they want to go and book in quickly to help me with the planning. I will have no choice but to close this trip quite early to confirm everything in advance and let any spare rooms go. Unfortunately, this will make it almost impossible to squeeze people in at the last minute, so please be aware that once the places have gone, they have gone and the only chance of coming will be as a replacement for someone already booked who wishes to sell their spot. Their place will effectively be sold to you.

Do not be disappointed, send your form in now as this one has very limited numbers due to digs and I need to finalise everything early - Details below in black as they are confirmed:

To book your place on The BTBC Smoke on the water, Swiss Stella Adventure Tour - 2023 hit this link, print off a booking form and Send it along with your remittance ASAP.

Warning - Alpine Roads and Scenery, when mixed with the Stella Alpina Rally, Bikes & Sun with a little water are known to cause Stellinitis. This disease creates an almost uncontrollable urge to return to the point of infection. There is no cure. The only relief known is regular visits to the infection site, which can create personal problems through the long term nature of this infection. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

The Stella Alpina itself takes place on Sunday 9th July in Bardonecchia, Northern Italy. It is a large trial bike Rally with several thousand bikes turning up over the weekend to ride up the mountain road on Sunday morning. It is not a competitive event but more a large gathering of like minded people. A finishers medal can be purchased by reaching a point on the track that the organiser's feel a well ridden road bike can get to, for the more adventurous the track continues and some may even reach the top. This whole area is Big Bike heaven, with many very small surfaced and UN-surfaced High Alp passes to explore. Join the BTB.C trip to THE STELLA ALPINA 2021+ ALL THE VERY BEST WITH A POSH, WET REST (A TRIP NOT TO BE MISSED!) and benefit from over 35 years of experience in these wonderful areas and at the event. How did the Stella Alpina Rally all start?

Who is going to date hit this link, and all the stuff from years gone bye....