June - 7th to 16th 2024

Here it is at last, our second 4WF Alpine Adventure. After the success and ease of last years heist, we simply have to do it again, only better! Mr Bridger thinks that Johnny foreigner will never expect us Bits to do the same job twice, and they will never know what hit em. With a new plan, using different routes to sneak over the border, we will be in and out before they even realise we were there, again!

On Days Like These - It is time once again to get your own version of the Lamborghini P400 out of the garage to join Charlie Croker on a spectacular 4WF Alpine heist to rob some more Italian culture from the ever unsuspecting Johnny foreigner, then bring it back to Blighty again for our Mr. Bridger. Not one to be missed people!.... This holiday will be a real Grand Tour Road Trip, taking in as many of the best car driving roads and spectacular sights possible, as we enjoy our second 4WF Alpine Adventure. In true Grand Tour style, we will take in as much as we can in this slightly extended 10 day trip, while still enjoying time to take in the sights along with some culture as we head through Switzerland into Italy to do the Job. As part of the 4WF T I J-2, and as one of the privileged few to join the crew on our Grand Tour, we will stay in some very nice Hotels in really spectacular locations along the way, were we can refresh, recharge, eat and drink, while discussing the next leg of the Job, before getting a good nights sleep. This really is not a trip to be missed, last years trip was fantastic and with a few tweak's and a little more time, this years trip will be even better. Book in early to be on the crew for the heist of a lifetime. Very limited numbers due to the nature of the Job, 'It is a very difficult job, and the only way we can get through it, is if we all work as a team, and that means you do everything I say'. The Italian Job - 2!

To book your place on The 4WF Italian Job-2, hit this link, then print off a booking form. Send this along with your remittance to the address on the form.

The Italian Job 2 - On Swiss Time 2024 - (Who's Going?)

A rough itinerary is below. Details will be added as we approach the heist

Day 1 - Friday 7th June. We will meet the rest of the crew near Dover at 10am sharp. Here we will distribute the equipment amongst the cars, before we all board the 'Free Enterprise 1' car ferry for the crossing to Calais. We will then all head south/east for our first hotel in the heart of Champagne country, for a little Food, Champagne and T I J Banter.

Day 2 - Saturday 8th June. After a nice, relaxed breakfast, Saturday sees the T I J crew heading South/east, using a lovely driving route, avoiding any authorities. We will take in as many faster quiet B roads and interesting places this has to offer before sneaking out of the champagne region without detection, heading for the Alps. With plenty of Coffee stops, and maybe a little lunch along the way, we will eventually arriving at our secret Hotel hid in the hills overlooking Geneva, around 16:00. Leaving plenty of time for getting ready for our evening meal with a stunning view, along with another wee drinkies or two and some more T I J banter and planning before bed.

Day 3 - Sunday 9th June. After another relaxed breakfast, we continue on our obscure route towards the Job and start to gain some real altitude as the Swiss Alps appear ahead. Again, the route will be twisty and interesting avoiding the locals and any authorities, before we arrive at our Grand Hotel on the edge of Lake Lucerne in plenty of time for a swim in the lake, or a wander around before an evenings fun and banter before bed. Its hear we will make our final plans before we attempt to cross the border the following day.

Day 4 - Monday 10th June. A nice breakfast, sees us heading up into the mountains proper taking in the Loop of Madness and as many stunning and lesser know passes as possible. We will then attempt to sneak through to cross the border at another one of the quietest, and least known border crossing into Italy. Mr. Bridger has again arranged for this border crossing to be unguarded for us between 3 and 4pm, so it is critical to the job that we get all the crew through this crossing at this time, to continue to avoid any authorities! Soon after the crossing, we will be welcomed, again disguised as car rally competitors, at a lovely Italian Hotel near a charming town, for a wonder round, evening meal, drinks and banter.

Day 5 - Tuesday 11th June. The day before the heist! After another lovely relaxed breakfast, we will take an interesting route to Turin City Centre. ' I have an idea', this will be a very special day of taking in many of the stunning roads and sights from a very famous film as part of our car rally disguise. Eventually, arriving at our Hotel, we will hide all the getaway cars in the Hotels underground Car park. Here Charlie will hand out full details and directions, showing when and where you all need to be to pull of the heist and grab the loot the very next day. You will then check out your locations and run through the plans one more time, before the heist the following day. Then it's food and drink before a good nights sleep..

Day 6 - Wednesday 12th June. The Day of the heist! You will all have your instructions and will spend the day checking out your locations and making your perforations for your roll in the heist. Again, appearing as holiday makers visiting Turin, you will mix in with the locals while carrying out your individual tasks. Once the heist has taken place and we have the loot, we will all meet up back at the garage, were we will load up the cars, ready to resume our disguises as Rally entrants, before we take a few more drinks, eat, then get some sleep while the authorities run round like headless chickens!

Day 7 - Thursday 13th June. The morning after the heist. The authorities will having realised just what we took and will by now assume we are across the border and out of the country. So, after yet another lovely relaxed breakfast, we will make good our escape from the city and head up into the mountains. Taking even more obscure and unknown alpine passes, we will slowly head north east into the mountains and across a very obscure border into France, continuing on our 'Car Rally' route. We will then take another night in a nice Hotel just after the border, to celebrate our escape. No doubt there will be more food, drink and T I J banter here!

Day 8 - Friday 14th June. After a relaxed night at our Hotel and a lovely breakfast, we are well placed to continue our escape, taking in more stunning roads and sights as we head north, as part of our charade. We will arrive at our next hotel in good time, allowing us all to relax, take a swim, and eat and drink the night away, before getting some well deserved kip.

Day 9 - Saturday 15th June. It's not over, till its over! So now we head back toward blighty to tell Mr Bridger we pulled off the Job, once again. We will take breakfast and start our journey North/West on more quiet roads, trying to avoid any authorities. We will stop over at our last Hotel in the evening, leaving time for a walk around town and our final evening meal and T I J banter before bed.

Day 10 - Sunday 16th June. An early breakfast sees us heading for the Channel and our lunchtime Ferry back to Blighty. Once we hit Dover, we will all split to make our way home in good time. Mr Bridger will be informed of our success and will no doubt be in touch. We can then all enjoy the memories and spoils of The 4WF Italian Job 2 for the rest of our lives.

Not one to be missed. I believe The 4WF Italian Job 2 - 2024 will be a truly fantastic Car trip and holiday. We will visit, see and take in most of the more famous roads, sights and locations from the classic film 'The Italian Job', all wrapped up in a relaxed Grand Tour 4WF Holiday Adventure. The routs and alpine passes we will use are amongst the best driving roads on the continent, with little traffic and sensational sights and views, along with lots to take in along the way. Staying in lovely Hotels each night, this really will be a trip to remember. So, book in now for our 4WF T I J-2, Swiss Time - 2024 and grab yourself a place on this epic European 4WF Mystery Tour.

To book your place on The 4WF Italian Job-2, hit this link, then print off a booking form. Send this along with your remittance to the address on the form.

The Italian Job2 - 2024 - (Who's Going?)