This section tries to cover the good and the bad aspects of different bikes. We have tried to be impartial and go with the majority to give you an idea as to which bike may suit you best for your particular purpose. This information is constantly updated so if your bike's not there, or we've missed something, tell us. The bikes appear in no particular order.


A few other nations have dipped their toes in the big trailly market , most recently the UK with Triumph's mighty Tiger. The last trail bike produced under the old factory was the Tiger Trail a lightly modded version of the ubiquitous 750 parallel twin. This was actually entered in the Welsh Two Day by a team of brave policemen! The modern Tiger is a very large and capable road bike but is a little tall and heavy. Having said that, reasonable off road progress can be made providing you don't expect too much in the way of MX handling.

Triumph pics

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